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Crisps San Carlo "La Classica" (180gr)


    For those who love tradition and simplicity.

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    Since 1936. San Carlo's love for potatoes has roots far back in time. Since then, they continue to choose and prepare them maintaining the same care and passion of the ancient rotisserie.

    To give you the best taste they only choose the best potatoes. How? Well, they use their long experience and historic direct relationships with the best growers. Only three ingredients: potatoes, oil and salt (iodized salt, low in sodium and very tasty). For San Carlo "taste is well-being".

    Producer: San Carlo

    80 years ago, in 1936, Francesco Vitaloni opens in Via Lecco 18, in Milan, the "Rotisserie San Carlo" named after the nearby church of San Carlo al Lazzaretto. The store stands out soon for a revolutionary specialties, the "crispy fries" that are distributed daily to bakeries and bars in the district. 

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    Potatoes, vegetable oils (palm oil, sunflower oil), iodised salt (salt, potassium iodate). May contain traces of wheat, milk, mustard, celery and soya.

    1 year