Rose Liqueur (200ml) - Officina Botanica

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Unique liqueur made with rose essence, for an aromatic and sweet liqueur


The history of liqueurs has its roots in the Middle Ages when the modern medicines were still unknown and herbals combined with alcohol were used to treat illness and to assist bodily functions. From this habit, the italian liqueurs tradition was born.

In line with this, directly from the sunny lands of Bregonze’s hills, Officina Botanica grows medicinal herbs that turns into high quality herbal liqueurs.

Prepared from alcohol, sugar and water in the same proportion, to which is then added rose petals essence extracted by maceration, this liqueur, with its delicate flavor and refined aroma, offers an astonishingly beautiful, summer taste of Italy. Drink it with ice, prosecco and a few green olives for a real italian drink.

Product Details

Rose petals, alcohol, brown sugar. Without added flavors and colorings. 18 VOL