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Organic Delicate Mopur (90gr) - Veghiamo

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Pleasing to the senses, it is remarkably well-balanced and smooth. Its subtle flavour, is combined with an intense colour and a distinctive firmness. The most refined!


Veghiamo includes a range of products created using natural ingredients able to offer a balanced dietary response that meets the increasing consumer demands for health and wellness. Their products are all delicious, healthy and ideal for the entire family. The product range has been developed using carefully selected ingredients, worked with dedication and passion, in order to offer only genuine and high-quality products.

Ingredients: Water, gluten from wheat*, durum wheat fl our*, chickpea flour*, naturally fermented wheat sourdough*, extra virgin olive oil*, beetroot*, natural flavouring, tamari* (water, soybeans*, salt), soft wheat flour*, coconut oil*, salt, pepper*, dehydrated garlic*. *ORGANIC. It may contain lupins.

Shelf-life: 90 days

Storage: Keep refrigerated between 0°C and +4°C.

Pairing tips: Ideal with extra-virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of turmeric.