Mute Rosso DOC Savuto 2016 (75cl) - Le Moire

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Big bodied wine that fully represents the area it comes from. A concentrated wine, with a complex aroma and big flavour impact. A wine that will, in the future, reveal all of its unexpressed strength.


The vines are situated at around 400m above sea level, on terraces that slope down to the Savuto river, surrounded by unpolluted woods. The “virgin” ecosystem and the wind that blows from the nearby Tyrrhenean Sea, safeguard the health of the vines and so minimise the use of agropharmaceuticals. Thermals from the nearby river intensify the aromas of the native cultivars. A south west exposure to evening sun slows down the ripening of the grapes. This softens the harshness that can sometimes be found in wines from the south.

The grapes on each cultivar are picked by hand according to their ripeness. Each grape variety is vinified separately, and then amalgamated after the first decanting according to the size of the yield. Selection of grapes by hand, a slow maceration at controlled temperature and a light pressing all go towards preserving the character and fragrance of the ripe fruit. 

Product Details

45% Arvino, 45% Magliocco, 10% Greco Nero. IT MAY CONTAIN SULPHITES. Abv 13.5%.
Full bodied to accompany mature cheese, roasts and stews.