Aubergine Sicilian Caponata (212gr)
  • Aubergine Sicilian Caponata (212gr)
  • Aubergine Sicilian Caponata (212gr)

Sicilian Aubergine Caponata (212g) - Agromonte

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A traditional Sicilian vegetable dish, made with tomato sauce for a unique sweet and sour flavour.


Rich yet healthy, caponata is a kind of aubergine stew from Sicily, flavoured with vinegar and sugar to gives it a delicious yet complex sweet and sour flavour. While the methods for making it are all very similar, what makes a caponata stand out is the quality of the ingredients used. Although all the produce in the dish is native to Sicily, Agromonte ensure theirs is the very best by using carefully selected raw materials from their own cultivated land.

A traditional dish that encapsulates all the typical flavours and aromas of Sicilian cuisine, it's best served as a warm side or as a cold antipasto, alongside some crisp bruschetta.

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Aubergines (45%), tomato sauce, sunflower oil, sugars, olives, cappers, celery, vinegar, salt. CELERY.
24 months