Classic mini Panettone (100g) - Fraccaro


Butter, raisins and candied orange for a traditional Christmas. The delicate sweetness of Panettone Classico enhances the flavour of candied fruits. Naturally leavened and oven baked. *mini box packaging

Fraccaro’s base ingredient of success lies in the skilful and accurate processing of cake mixtures and the recipes used. The special ingredient is sourdough starter, the most precious ingredient since 1932. This passion has been kept alive to this day: the Fraccaro products are still made using artisan methods in this small family business, with the same aromas and atmosphere of eighty six years ago within the marvelous venetian lands.

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Ingredients: Wheat flour, sultanas, fresh eggs, butter (milk), sugar, candied orange peels, milk, fresh egg yolk, natural yeast (wheat), emulsifiers, glucose syrup, natural flavours, cocoa butter, salt. May contain nuts and soy.


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