Seafood Salad (240g)
  • Seafood Salad (240g)
  • Seafood Salad (240gr)

Seafood Salad (240g) - Di Forti


* Exp. Date 21/01.2020 *

Try this Unique Seafood Salad marinated With Parsley And Garlic!

The freshest Italian seafood salad and a true delicacy. A symphony of flavours from the sea, from the delicate prawn to the pulpines of squid, this has a combination to satisfy the seafood lovers!


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Ingredients: Giant Squids (MOLLUSCS), Baby Octopus (MOLLUSCS), Squid (MOLLUSCS), Cuttlefish (MOLLUSCS), Mussels (MOLLUSCS), Prawns (CRUSTACEANS), Sunflower Oil, Wine Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Parsley, Garlic, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid. Origin: Zone FAO 27, 51, 57, 87


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