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Classic Panettone (1kg) - Loison


A yellow soft and fragrant dough enriched with sultana raisins and candied oranges peel from Sicily: nothing more than the traditional ingredients for a superb classic Panettone.

To make such soft and delicate confections, that yield the same fragrance that artisan bakeries can produce, takes special ingredients, a slow and natural rising process, gradual cooling and patience, because good things cannot be rushed. Something that not all businesses can accomplish. Tradition is the main ingredient and Passion is what heats the ovens: Loison has been creating signature confections for three generations and it has bring them to tables across the world.

Creamy Salted Cod (180g) - Agostini Elio


A traditional recipe from Veneto!

The cod is soaked for many hours by changing the water frequently. Once rehydrated, cleaned and barbed, the cod is boiled in water. It is then whipped with the addition of milk, sunflower oil, salt and sugar.

Truffle Pecorino Cheese "Delizioso" (100g) - L'Antica Cascina


A cheese made with sheep milk but smooth and soft with a delicious adding of truffle. “Delizioso di Pecora” embodies all the characteristics of a tasty cheese with soft consistency, good by itself but excellent for adding something special to many dishes. 

The flavour is phenomenal; sharp, savoury, punchy, deep with truffle earthiness. This product comes in vacuum pack.