Bergamotto Juice (25cl) - Bevi Più Naturale

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A health concentrate, to be consumed in purity or diluted with water.


All the beneficial, invigorating and healthy properties of the juice of 15 Bergamotti, a citrus fruit with numerous beneficial properties, a true natural treasure for our organism. This concentrate of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, is in fact best known for its capacity of inhibiting the production of cholesterol and reducing the cardiovascular risk.

A special line, with functional ingredients, designed for those who want only the best from fruit. 3 references: Bergamotto 100%, Melagrana 100%, Mix of Arancia Rossa 80% and Bergamotto 20%. All the C Vitamin, all the unique quality of citrus fruits and of pomegranate cultivated along the Mediterranean coasts, packed in a practical screw-cap bottle, that allows to preserve its freshness even after opening. Without flavours, colourings or preservatives and with no added sugar.

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100% Bergamotto Juice