Moka Instinct (15cl) - Bevi Più Naturale

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The velvety taste of Italian coffee meets the bubbles. A practical and convenient glass bottle so as to enhance the intense coffee flavour. 


A selection of 5 different coffee varieties from the most renown coffee plantations through the world is carefully blended by our experts so to obtain a rich and well balanced flavour.

Product Details

Selection of 5 coffee varieties: Niagaragua - Pradera Gonzales, Jamaica - Blue Mountain, Venezuela - Cucula, Porto Rico - Yauco Selecto, Ethiopia - Bale Wild Forest. With 8.5% of genuine coffee infusion, without preservatives and flavourings. The caffeine level in Moka Instinct 200 ml is equivalent to half a cup of espresso.
MOKA WHISKY: 1/3 Whisky and top Moka Instict, MOKA DIGESTIVE: 1/3 DIGESTIVE and top Moka Instict, MOKA MOJITO: 4p Lime, brown sugar, fresh mint, 1/3 white Rum and top Moka Instict, MOKA VODKA: 1/3 Vodka and top Moka Instict, MOKA CREAM: 1/3 Dry Vodka, 1/3 Irish Cream and top Moka Instict