Lime & Basil Tonic (20cl) - Bevi Più Naturale

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Cheerful and pleasant like a summer breeze!


 The unmistakable bitter note of the quassia is soften by the basil and Calabrian limetta infusions. Thanks to these, our palate is given an unexpected, fresh and citrus-like experience. The perfect way to give an unexpected touch to the classics of the Mixology area, this tonic is perfect even if consumed alone.

The philosophy of Verum-Bevi più Naturale applied to a range of products dedicated to the Mixology. Five unique recipes enriched with exclusive notes, with hand picked italian ingredients of the highest quality as a result of the accurate and slow working process, that provides a 10 days long spice infusion.

Product Details

water, sugar, quassia infusion, basil infusion, limetta infusion, carbon dioxide, citric acid.