Sicilian Spicy Orange Extra Marmalade (200gr) View larger

Sicilian Spicy Orange Extra Marmalade (200gr)


    Everybody knows that Sicilian oranges are the most appreciated in the World, but in this jam you can also find an extra boost of chili! 

    A must try , especially on toasted bread or rusks.


    Producer: Olio di Fousseni

    Olio di Fousseni was founded out of a passion to promote real, high quality Sicilian food and culinary traditions, but above all, to bring the local tastes and flavours of native food and wild herbs to dining tables all around the world.

    Their products are produced in a way that preserves the natural scents, colour and traditions of the Mediterranean, Sicily and its influences, combined with a range of spices and herbs that enhance the flavour.

    More Information

    60% Orange (peel included) , 38% sugar, chili pepper 2%. 

    2 years.

    Keep in a cool place. Once opened, store in the refrigerator at + 4 ° C covering with olive oil for 10 days.The presence of percentages of sunflower oil does not allow the formation of a film thickening agents to the surface when the product is stored in a refrigerator.