Orange Marmalade with Cinnamon (240gr) - Terra Aqua

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This jam is made with "Tarocco" oranges grown and harvested in Sicily, with thin peel and cinnamon powder.


In this Orange jam by Terra Aqua, the added cinnamon gives a stronger earthy aroma and flavour.

Terra Aqua is synonymous with natural, genuine Italian jams. These gourmet products, based on ancient recipes,originate from Sicilian monovariety fruits, selected in person and processed by hand at the right level of ripeness.

Product Details

Terra Aqua
Brown Sugar, “Tarocco” Orange with peel, citric acid, fruit’s pectin, cinnamon powder (1.3%). Fruit used: 45 g for 100 g, Total sugar: 60 g for 100 g No addition of concentrated fruit, preservatives, colorings or gluten.
24 months shelf life from production date. Keep in a cool place.
Ideally spread on warm bread with sesame seeds, coriander or pumpkin. It goes well with sweets but also with cheeses if spicy notes is your preference. To be consumed fresh or at room temperature. In case you would like to match this jam with any type of yogurt, ice-cream or cheese: Low-fat yogurt, cream or yogurt ice-cream flavor, mascarpone or fresh ricotta cheese.