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Apricots are one of the first signs that summer is coming... try our Sicilian early apricots with their delicate taste and sweet scent for a bite of your summer holidays!

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Relatives to peaches, apricots are small, golden orange fruits, with velvety skin and flesh, not too juicy but definitely smooth and sweet. Some describe their flavour as almost musky, with a faint tartness that lies somewhere between a peach and a plum. 

Fresh apricots with a plentiful supply of vitamin C and are in season in Italy from May through August. 

Producer: GALA Fruit

In 1989, the thirty-eight-year-old father of four, Giuseppe Catalano left his farming village and moved to Milan with his family... and so begun G.A.L.A fruit, a story of dedication, professionalism and the fruit of intuition and experience.

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