Rigatoni (500g)
  • Rigatoni (500g)
  • Rigatoni (500gr)

Rigatoni (500g) - La Molisana


Large and ridged, this pasta shape is great with fish and rich meat sauces.

The word rigatoni comes from the Italian word rigato which means "ridged" or "lined", making sauces and grated cheese stick to it much better than its smooth-sided cohort. It's a particular favourite in southern and central Italian cuisine where it is widely used - especially in Sicily. Due to its shape and texture, rigatoni works well with either fairly thick cream or tomato based sauces as its shape holds the sauce well, so enhance it with simple ingredients and seasonal products like beans and mushrooms.


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Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina pasta.GLUTEN. MAY CONTAINS TRACES OF EGGS. 

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