Orecchiette Pugliesi (500g)
  • Orecchiette Pugliesi (500g)
  • Orecchiette Pugliesi (500gr)

Orecchiette Pugliesi (500g) - La Molisana

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Hand-made in the south of Italy, a disc shape with a rustic texture.


The trademark of the Puglia region, orecchiette literally translates to little ears. Supposedly, everyone in Puglia has big, bent thumbs from speedily pressing the pasta into little ear shapes when they make it, which is where its name comes from. The orecchiette from La Molisana represents just that, comprising of a full-bodied disc shape with an edge just thicker than its inner part and an authentic wrinkled texture to perfectly capture the sauce. The most famous dish using the pasta is certainly orecchiette alle cime di rapa, which combines it with seasonal greens like turnip tops or tenderstem broccoli, and a touch of garlic.

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La Molisana
New product
Durum wheat semolina pasta. GLUTEN. MAY CONTAINS TRACES OF EGGS. 
36 months