Penne Lisce (500g)
  • Penne Lisce (500g)
  • Penne Lisce (500gr)

Penne Lisce (500g) - La Molisana

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Lisce refers to the un-ridged outer shell of the pasta, traditionally cooked al dente.


The lisce means smooth, in reference to the lack of ridged edges across this famous pasta shape. Typically Neapolitan, this shape was often offered as opening dish in weddings, and due to its shape, is an extremely versatile pasta. The hollow centre allows it to hold sauce well, while the angular ends act as scoops. Serve yours with a seasoned bacon sauce and some good quality pecorino.

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La Molisana
New product
Durum wheat semolina pasta. GLUTEN. MAY CONTAINS TRACES OF EGGS. 
36 months