Penne Gragnano (500g)
  • Penne Gragnano (500g)
  • Penne Gragnano (500g)

Penne Lisce (500g) - La Fabbrica della Pasta

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Famous for its versatility as it retains all types of sauce.


Cylinder-shaped pieces, penne gets its name from the plural form penna, which means pen or quill.

This is pasta made with 100% durum semolina wheat and water from the springs of Mount Vesuvius to preserve the traditional, natural flavours that brought pasta worldwide recognition. Due to its array of health benefits (it's rich in proteins and other macro-nutrients) and its particularly good cooking qualities, durum wheat has been an integral part of Mediterranean gourmet cuisine for centuries.

Especially popular in northern Italy and in Campania, where it is prized for its ability to absorb and retain any sauce on its surfaces - inside and out, due to its hollow insides and ridged outer edge.

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New product
100% durum wheat semolina. GLUTEN.
36 months