Paccheri Reali Extra Lusso  (500gr)


    Luxury large tubed pasta, with more protein than normal pasta.

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    Paccheri are a type of pasta which come in the shape of very large tubes, originating from Naples. A "paccarià" is the local dialect for a big "slap", which sounds extremely onomatopoetic in Italian, and thus the pacchero was named.

    Serve with rich sauces that will hide in the big tubes, such as mullet in tomato sauce, flavoured with lashings of parsley.

    This "extra di lusso" version is even better quality than its classic counterpart, made with more densely flavoured flour, local mountain water and is made up of 15% protein. The packaging also comes with a retro logo that emphasises the high-quality, traditional method used to produce this range of pasta.

    Producer: La Molisana

    One of the first pastificios in Italy, La Molisana has opened their doors in 1912, with the philosophy to put quality and ingredients first. And their motto still stands today. 

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    Durum wheat semolina pasta. GLUTEN. MAY CONTAINS TRACES OF EGGS. 

    36 months