Wholegrain Linguine (250g) - Pastificio Carmiano

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Small, flat, narrow tagliatella-type Pasta made of whole durum wheat drawn in bronze and dried slowly


The name Linguine refers to the flattened shape similar to a little tongue (Lingua in Italian).

Its shape retains all of their goodness when cooked and they have plenty of surface area to absorb the flavour and liquid of the sauce with which it is served.We recommend cooking linguine with fresh tomato, vegetables, porcini mushrooms or cheese sauces.

Product Details

durum whole wheat semolina, water
For 100 g of pasta is needed 1 lt of boiling water. You are advised to add 10g per litre of cooking sale. Stirring occasionally gently. Taste to verify the perfect level of cooking. Drain pasta, add the dressing and serve