"Taleggio" Soft Cheese (100g)
  • "Taleggio" Soft Cheese (100g)
  • "Taleggio" Soft Cheese (100g)
  • "Taleggio" Soft Cheese (100g)
  • "Taleggio" Soft Cheese (100g)

"Taleggio" Soft Cheese (100g) Vacuum Packed - Mazzoleni


(£19.00 per kilo)

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A mildly-flavoured whole cows’ milk cheese from Northern Italy with a soft texture and a fruity, creamy character. Irresistible!


"Taleggio" is a typical soft white cheese with an edible thin rind, naturally pink in colour with a characteristic light sage-coloured mould (green-grey). It is softer and creamier just under the rind. Dig in!

This cheese has a delicate but at the same time intensive flavour, with an underwood aftertaste and a characteristic aroma.

Product Details

New product
Cow’s milk, salt, rennet. MILK.
10 days as per vacuum pack regulation Freshly sliced and sealed in vacuum packed on the dispatch day.
Try it with a white crisp wine as Gavi di Gavi or Roero Arneis Montemeraviglia.