Pecorino Romano (100g) vacuum packed - Cossu

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Cossu Pecorino is a hard cheese ripened for six months.


"Pecorino Romano" is a unique cheese, made in the traditional way and guaranteed by the quality Mark of the "Pecorino Romano Consortium. A cheese with Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.), made with full-cream, thermised sheep's milk and ripened for at least 6 months. In particular, consumers appreciate it for the balance achieved among flavor, aroma, texture and digestibility, a unique blend resulting from expert processing, dry salting and ripening, complying with the true Sardinian cheese-making tradition.

Product Details

Pasteurized Sheep's Milk, Milk Enzymes, Salt, Rennet.
10 days as per vacuum pack regulation. Freshly sliced and sealed in vacuum packed on the dispatch day.
It is usually grated on pasta dishes, bread or salad.  The main ingredient for pasta "Alla Carbonara", "Cacio e Pepe", "Alla Gricia" and "All'Amatriciana".