Oven-baked Pancetta (80g) vacuum packed - Bedogni
  • Oven-baked Pancetta (80g) vacuum packed - Bedogni

Oven-baked Pancetta (80g) - Bedogni


This is a truly specialty: like a cross between Pancetta and cooked ham!

They leave the porks' legs in seasoned salt for two weeks, before smoking them for about one hour and finally flavouring them for four days with honey brine. At this point the Pancetta is ready to be combined into a deli meat product, which is then steam cooked for nearly a whole day before spending two hours in a wood oven. This product comes in vacuum pack.

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Ingredients: Pork - salt - honey 2,4% - natural flavourings - antioxidant: sodium L-ascorbate - preservative: sodium nitrite.

Shelf Life & Storage Tips

Freshly sliced and sealed in vacuum pack on the dispatch day. Shelf life is 10 days from packing, as per vacuum pack regulation.


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