Halal Beef Spicy Soppressata with Truffle aroma (350g) - Suppa

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A certified beef salami, with an exceptional harmony among the Calabrian spiciness, the sweetness of the meat - typical of well-seasoned products - and the delicate aroma of black truffles. Surprise your guests with a unique product!


One of the noblest traditional Calabrian cured meats, the raw ingredient used is halal-certified beef, minced, with truffle and spicy flavourings, then stuffed into natural casings, aged and smoked naturally.

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halal-certified beef, salt, spicy pepper. Preservatives E 252, E 300, spices and natural truffle flavourings. LACTOSE-FREE and GLUTEN-FREE
6 months STORAGE at 4 °C, once opened, keep refrigerated and use within a few days.