Ham Prosciutto Cotto Corte dei Principi sliced - vacuum packed (80gr) View larger

Ham Prosciutto Cotto Corte dei Principi sliced (80gr) - vacuum packed


    A very aromatic but delicately flavored dry-cured ham. It's excellent when thinly sliced for use as deli sandwich meat or as a nice complement to a main dish or as a pizza topping!

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    Prosciutto cotto literally means cooked ham in Italian. It is the most commonly used deli product in Italy. It is also very low in sodium. The uses of the prosciutto cotto are as many as the uses of ham with sandwiches and pizzas being most common.

    Lactose-free and Gluten-free!

    Producer: Ruliano Salumi

    Dry-cured ham is a bit like Champagne: Although they're all called champagne, each winery is unique, with its own characteristics. The same applies to dry-cured hams: always look at the manufacturer and brand, because each manufacturer has its own processing system that strongly determines the quality of the product.

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    pork leg, salt, dextrose, sucrose, natural flavorings, spices Antioxidant: E316 Preservatives: E250

    DOES NOT CONTAIN allergens, lactose, gluten, GMO. No added polyphosphates.

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