Pancetta di Piacenza 
  • Pancetta di Piacenza 
  • Pancetta di Piacenza 
  • Pancetta di Piacenza 

Cured Pancetta Special Rolled Bacon sliced (80gr) - vacuum packed


A strong, slightly salty flavour. Cured for 3 months.



Produced from the belly of pork, which is seasoned then rolled into a tubular shape and cured for 3 months. Distinguished by its ribbons of creamy fat, it has a deep, strong, slightly salty flavour and is therefore ideal for adding flavour to food.

Made from local pigs in one of the most traditional production areas (the hills surrounding the Emilian city of Parma), this artisanal pancetta uses no nitrates to help preserve it, just age-old, traditional techniques.

As this comes cured and readily sliced, it doesn't require any cooking. Eat it on a bruschetta with some Parmigiano and a drop of balsamic vinegar.

New product

Pork meat, sodium and spices.

1 month