Swordfish Pasta Sauce (200g)
  • Swordfish Pasta Sauce (200g)
  • Swordfish Pasta Sauce (200g)

Swordfish Pasta Sauce (200g) - Genesis

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Pasta with swordfish sauce is the kind of carefree pasta dish that typifies summer eating. A Sicilian full of flavour sauce ready to use! 


Swordfish  It is an extremely healthy source of protein that is high in iron, phosphorous and vitamins.

In texture, swordfish is similar to meat and therefore a good choice for tentative fish eaters or for those that are trying fish for the first time. Its mild flavour and "unfishy" taste are also helpful when encouraging people to try fish if they have not done so before. 
This fish is suited to simple flavours and does not require much embellishment. Try this fantastic sauce with our Paccheri Gragnano! You will definitely love it!

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Genesis Food
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Tomato sauce, swordfish (10%), onion, carrot, parsley, olive oil, white wine, white pepper, sea salt. FISH.
18 Months