Lactose-free Khorasan Biscuit (50g)
  • Lactose-free Khorasan Biscuit (50g)

Lactose-free Khorasan Biscuit (50g) - Fidani

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Love, softness and crumbliness nestled in this big heart made of organic flour, a source of scents, hints and memories that warm your soul while helping you keep healthy.



A heart shaped biscuit baked with organic khorasan flour and honey. 

Perfect for a Mother's Day and Valentine's Day gift, an anniversary with your partner or for celebrating any special occasion!

Product Details

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Wheat Flour, Organic Khorasan Flour, Sugar, Delactosed Butter, Eggs, Honey, Natural Flavourings (Vanilla, Lemon, Orange), Raising Agent (Sodium Carbonates), Cinnamon. * Minimum Nickel content. GLUTEN, EGGS. Lactose-free
10 months