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Marron Glacés Panettone (500g) - Morandin

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The no brainer choice is always Classic Marron Glacés Panettone for gourmet palatte filled with delicious, top-quality whole candied chestnuts!


Care and extreme attention to the selection of raw materials - from the water, at the creamery butter, to the choice of flour - a knowledge on natural leavening is handed down and enriched from generation to generation, and a passion that never ends: are the ingredients that give the cake Mauro Morandin imprint of tradition, simplicity, consistency and elegance. And most fruits, oranges and limes are from Calabria: candied fruit  of Saint-Vincent laboratory using nothing but sugar water, give off their fresh scent together with the persuasive vanilla.

Product Details

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Flour 0, brown (brown sugar glucose, vanilla), butter, sugar, egg yolks, salt, vanilla, natural yeast, kneaded with Lurisia water. Filling: pasta cremino (hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa butter, vanillin), sugar, glucose, brown, invert sugar, flavoring. GLUTEN, LACTOSE, EGG.
3 Months