Bellavita Shop – About Us

Bellavita Shop was founded in 2012 out of a love of genuinely delicious and flavoursome Italian food. The rich bounty of Italian produce is well known and respected throughout the world, from delicious wines and beverages, indulgent chocolates, the finest selection of cured meats, artisan cheeses, bespoke aperitifs, sweet biscuits and cakes from the patisserie. Bellavita Shop aims to promote both the traditional and artisan brands to bring you the treasures of Italian produce to help you create authentic Italian cuisine. The Shop also sells seasonal fruits and vegetables, flour grains, pulses, pizzas and pasta.





                Where possible Bellavita aims to preserve the tastes and textures of real, authentic Italian food and beverages, we stock only products that are genuinely made in Italy, knowing that for the best results in cookery there can be no substitute. To this end, we are proud to promote organic and natural produce, that celebrates the diversity of Italy’s unique and varied food culture.

                Bellavita Shop is open for those in and visiting London in the thriving central hub of 11C Dock Street, E1 8JN; and in an e-commerce store, extending our delivery all over the UK & Ireland and Netherlands. Simply take a browse from our ever-growing range products to discover the excellence of Italy. Not sure where to start? - Our dedicated customer service team is on hand to help with your requests, from product sourcing to flavour recommendations.

                Bellavita Shop is partnered with Bellavita Academy which regularly hosts tasting sessions and courses with guest industry professionals and the UK Sommelier Association. Whilst the Bellavita Expo runs five successful tradeshows in WarsawChicagoLondon, Mexico City and Amsterdam across the year, to extend the platform for buyers, traders, distributors, wholesalers and chefs looking to engage with our increasing portfolio of suppliers. 

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