Saffron Flowers Sicilian Green Tea Leaves (50gr)


    The unique flavour of natural and valuable saffron accompanied by the fine taste of Sicilian green tea gives this infusion a unique and unmistakable character.

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    Saffron petals, scrupulously picked by hand, have always been a noble and expensive spice.

    Instruction for use: 1 teaspoon - 1 Litre of hot water - leave 5 minutes in infusion - filter and combine honey or sugar choice. Drink hot or refrigerate to enjoy a deliciously refreshing drink.

    For therapeutic purpose is to double the dosage (in the summer it is recommended 3 hours of maceration outside the fridge and 3 hours in the fridge make it even sweeter and more refreshing.

    Sicilian green tea leaves (lippia polistachia), Saffron Flowers, Blue Malva Flowers, Sunflower Flowers, green tea from Camellia Sinensis.

    1 year