Sicilian Almonds (250gr)


    Sicilian almonds are rich in essential oil and incredibly tasty. 

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    Almonds have been grown in Sicily since a very early age; Romans would cherish the plant and considered the fruit a real ancient "superfood". And still is today: packed with proteins and vitamins almonds are one of the healthiest snacks available in nature, and delicious too! Try it instead of peanuts for a variation of Pesto alla Genovese or toasted in granolas and salads. Many think Sicilian almonds are the finest available for their superior essential oil content compared to other almonds.

    Producer: Vincenzo Caputo

    The story of Vincenzo Caputo starts in the 1930's, when young Vincenzo would buy the best local dried fruit to sell it all over Italy. Today, quality and sourcing policy remain the same, but making use of a modern factory that can offer the latest technology, still with tradition firmly rooted, to offer the best and freshest dried fruit available.

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    12 months