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Fresh hand-made Chocolates (100g) - Gay Odin

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Perfect as a little treat for yourself or as a gift to share with your beloved ones. Ideal for moments of celebration! 


The special characteristic of Gay Odin chocolate is definitely the high quality of its ingredients.

All of them are carefully selected and only the best creations become "cioccolatini". But quality is not enough: the production, completely made by hand, is what makes the difference in every single product.

Product Details

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Ingredients: Cocoa dough, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Alcohol, Cherry with stone, Hazelnuts, Almonds, milk powder, milk, Cocoa, Chilli  chocolate chips, Sugar essence of strawberry, cornstarch, limoncello extract, Fresh cream, Orange zest, Fondant, Violets, Orange zest, oil, nat. flav.
3 Months