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Somewhere Between Taste And History. The Essence of Neapolitan Chocolate: colours, flavours, myths and legends in the shadow of Vesuvius. 

The special characteristic of Gay Odin chocolate is definitely the high quality of its ingredients. All of them are carefully selected and only the best creations become pralines. But quality is not enough: the production, completely made by hand, is what makes the difference in every single product.

The story: A third-class, one-way ticket and a suitcase packed with all his savings inside. Thus, in the late 1800s, begins the journey of the twenty-three-year-old chocolatier from Alba, Isidoro Odin, en route to Naples. But what drives him to leave for the city of Naples? Isidoro wants to experiment and is looking for a city that knows how to appreciate his new experiments and combinations of flavours without limitations. The result is a magical place, the first Gay Odin workshop is a cross between a laboratory and a store, simple but so elegantly decorated that it was included as one of Italy's historical places.

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