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Italy is renowned for both its art and for its food, but what happens if you combine the two, and put art straight into the kitchen? That's the inspiration behind Toscobosco, a company who celebrates the finest ingredient of Italian cuisine: truffles.

Believing that "cooking is a form of art", Toscobosco produce a variety of sauces and creams, but always incorporating the mighty truffle into the mix. This unique, expensive flavour brings them closer to their ultimate goal of setting the global benchmark for spectacular food and gastronomy.

The Bellavita platinum award winner at our 2015 Expo in Amsterdam, savour the taste of a real Italian delicacy with Toscobosco.

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Ricca Cheese Sauce with White Truffle (90gr) Ricca Cheese Sauce with White Truffle (90gr)
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"Ricca" Cheese Sauce with White Truffle (90g) - Toscobosco

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Rich, creamy and indulgent with alba white truffle.

A rich, indulgent Italian cheese sauce, enhanced with the most luxurious ingredient of all: Alba white truffle. This precious cream can be used to finish Italian dishes like a pasta or risotto, or add a little touch to the top of prime cut beef.

Truffle "Tartufaccia" Tapenade (90g) - Toscobosco


Perfect condiment or spread for mushroom and anchovies lovers! Ideal for pasta or crostini bread topping.

Perfect accompaniment to boiled meat and fish. Very good on red meat. The product has full-bodied taste, perfect for amuse-bouche and hot appetizers. Ideal condiment for fresh dishes such as salads and carpaccios. To be tasted on a simple dish of boiled potatoes or as a dipping sauce for vegetables.

Courgette & Truffle sauce (90g) - Toscobosco


Ideal on canapé and bruschetta. Perfect also as pasta sauce. A Must Try!

The power of Toscoboscois the one to be able to transfer to its products the pure and natural characteristics of the raw materials without any artificial alteration (unfortunately common in the market) always maintaining what Nature established. Their purpose is to value what is genuine and their daily work focus on tastes and flavours that the wood spontaneously gives to us: herbs, roots, fruit and first of all Truffle, the King of this habitat