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Situated in the farthest South-eastern area of Sicily - Chiaramonte Gulfi - and 700 metres above sea level, Agromonte specialises in one of Sicily's most renowned delicacies: Tomatoes. While their roots are firmly in their region's heritage, their approach is undoubtedly modern, aware of how the quality of the product can be the key to success.

This motto is reflected daily in their careful selection of raw materials, which are cultivated all year round in a protected environment. So it's not surprising that they're the number one producer in Italy for both the quality and the authenticity of their products, the pride and expression of Sicily's landscape and culture.

Tomatoes are a big part of the regional cuisine, prevalent in most of the dishes - from sauces, to garnishes to being the star of the show.

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Garlic Cherry Tomatoes Sauce (260g) - Agromonte


A sauce with rustic flavour!

Cherry tomatoes, a typical Sicilian speciality, are combined in this sauce with the unmistakable aroma of garlic to create a rustic flavour, enriched with extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables and herbs. Tomato sauce with a little extra edge, it\'s made using only selected raw materials and authentic Italian processing methods. Ideal for seasoning food and making unique pasta dishes, this is the enticing aroma of nonna\'s kitchen in a jar.

Norma Pasta Sauce (260g) - Agromonte


Tomatoes with Mediterranean vegetables, perfect for \'Pasta all Norma\'.

Cherry tomatoes, a typical Sicilian speciality, offer a unique taste and aroma to this “Norma” sauce, created according to island culinary tradition. Ideal for seasoning and for making unique pasta dishes, the Agromonte sauces are made using selected raw materials and simple and genuine processing methods. One of the most famous Sicilian recipes in the world, Pasta alla Norma embodies all the flavours of the island, and also contains an abundance of hidden vegetables. Created according to Italian culinary tradition and using only the finest ingredients, this Norma sauce has a hearty but sweet taste and a long history behind it. Made using selected raw materials and simple and genuine processing methods.

Puttanesca Pasta Sauce (260g) - Agromonte


A complex sauce that needs nothing else added apart from trusty pasta.

No bowl of pasta puttanesca can ever be eaten without a mention of what it famously translates to ("tart\'s pasta", as Delia graciously puts it). The sauce is typical of the culinary tradition in Naples; a unique taste and fragrance that\'s enhanced by Sicilian ingredients like green olives and capers. Ideal for seasoning and for making unique pasta dishes with a little more complexity, this needs nothing else added to it apart from pure and simple pasta. Made using carefully selected raw materials using genuine processing methods.

Sicilian Red Pesto (200g) - Agromonte


Sicilian version of everyone\'s favourite sauce, made using tomatoes and red pepper.

Pesto pasta is a popular Italian dish that many people rave about. But what not they may not know is that the typical green pesto comes from Genoa, and it\'s red-coloured cousin comes from an area much farther south: Sicily. Sicilian cuisine is generally characterised as having more punch and spice than northern cuisine, and this fiery coloured sauce is no exception, with the locals adding cherry tomatoes and red pepper. Evoking the heart of the region\'s Mediterranean cuisine, red pesto goes great with crusty bread, pasta, fish, pork or poultry, and is a great alternative to its much-loved counterpart.

Pane & Pasta Sundried Cherry Tomatoes (200g) - Agromonte


The epitome of Sicily. Their most famous ingredient, dried in the hot Mediterranean sun.

Grown, harvested and dried under the Mediterranean sun and seasoned with the salt, garlic and basil from nearby, sun-dried cherry tomatoes are the epitome of Sicily, evoking not just their most famous ingredient, but the warm climate that feeds their cherished produce. Rich, intense and tender, they\'re an excellent product to use for enhancing the taste and flavour of starters and first courses, or when eaten with semi-mature fresh cheeses such as stracchino.

Pane & Pasta Sundried Cherry Tomatoes & Chilli (200g) - Agromonte


Sicily\'s two finest ingredients combined. Incredibly spicy and fiery.

Tender and spicy, this is a very strong taste for the most resistant of palates that\'s sure to please connoisseurs of spicy food. A winning combination of delicious cherry tomatoes and red chilli pepper represent Sicily\'s cuisine in a nutshell, and offer a real appreciation of the rich, spicy food that\'s perfect to enjoy in the summer sun. Ideal for enriching the flavour of bruschetta and focaccia and of first courses and omelettes, or alternatively they can be added to pasta for a bit of heat. You only need a few tablespoons to accentuate your dishes and make almost anything Sicilian-style.

Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes (212g) - Agromonte


A unique and sophisticated Sicilian delicacy, seasoned with fresh garlic and herbs.

Both sweet and savoury, semi-dried cherry tomatoes are a key ingredient in many dishes in Sicilian cuisine, expressing the complete Mediterranean essence. A sophisticated and unique alternative to fresh tomatoes, this famous Sicilian delicacy is seasoned with fresh garlic and herbs. An excellent accompaniment to typical cheeses and charcuterie, it\'s also perfect in salads, as an appetiser or as an accompaniment to drinks.

Cherry Tomatoes in Cherry Tomatoes Sauce (550g) - Agromonte


Made solely of cherry tomatoes, cherry tomato purée and a pinch of salt. ** Kosher certified (U). Vegetarian/Vegan meat-free.

Sicily is well known for its incredibly sweet and ripe cherry tomatoes, a key player in most of their cuisine\'s dishes. By combining all the goodness of their cherry tomatoes with the juices from even more of them, Agromonte creates a unique, inimitable product that represents the crown of their cuisine.

Sicilian Aubergine Caponata (212g) - Agromonte


A traditional Sicilian vegetable dish, made with tomato sauce for a unique sweet and sour flavour.

Rich yet healthy, caponata is a kind of aubergine stew from Sicily, flavoured with vinegar and sugar to gives it a delicious yet complex sweet and sour flavour. While the methods for making it are all very similar, what makes a caponata stand out is the quality of the ingredients used. Although all the produce in the dish is native to Sicily, Agromonte ensure theirs is the very best by using carefully selected raw materials from their own cultivated land. A traditional dish that encapsulates all the typical flavours and aromas of Sicilian cuisine, it\'s best served as a warm side or as a cold antipasto, alongside some crisp bruschetta.

Special Edition Cherry Tomato Sauce (33cl) - Agromonte


A ready pasta tomato sauce that invokes Sicilian tradition hand-painted with local folklore themes.

This ready to serve cherry tomato sauce is made with selected Sicilian sun-ripened tomatoes; a unique Sicilian delicacy made from the juice of real cherry tomatoes. Fresh cherry tomatoes are carefully picked and processed using simple, traditional procedures that ensure the tomatoes retain their naturally sweet taste. A unique and inimitable product with a low acidity that\'s great for all ages, use it as the base for an abundance of pasta dishes or stews.