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Situated in the farthest South-eastern area of Sicily - Chiaramonte Gulfi - and 700 metres above sea level, Agromonte specialises in one of Sicily's most renowned delicacies: Tomatoes. While their roots are firmly in their region's heritage, their approach is undoubtedly modern, aware of how the quality of the product can be the key to success.

This motto is reflected daily in their careful selection of raw materials, which are cultivated all year round in a protected environment. So it's not surprising that they're the number one producer in Italy for both the quality and the authenticity of their products, the pride and expression of Sicily's landscape and culture.

Tomatoes are a big part of the regional cuisine, prevalent in most of the dishes - from sauces, to garnishes to being the star of the show.

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Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes (212g) - Agromonte


A unique and sophisticated Sicilian delicacy, seasoned with fresh garlic and herbs.

Both sweet and savoury, semi-dried cherry tomatoes are a key ingredient in many dishes in Sicilian cuisine, expressing the complete Mediterranean essence. A sophisticated and unique alternative to fresh tomatoes, this famous Sicilian delicacy is seasoned with fresh garlic and herbs. An excellent accompaniment to typical cheeses and charcuterie, it\'s also perfect in salads, as an appetiser or as an accompaniment to drinks.

Norma Pasta Sauce (260g) - Agromonte


Tomatoes with Mediterranean vegetables, perfect for \'Pasta all Norma\'.

Cherry tomatoes, a typical Sicilian speciality, offer a unique taste and aroma to this “Norma” sauce, created according to island culinary tradition. Ideal for seasoning and for making unique pasta dishes, the Agromonte sauces are made using selected raw materials and simple and genuine processing methods. One of the most famous Sicilian recipes in the world, Pasta alla Norma embodies all the flavours of the island, and also contains an abundance of hidden vegetables. Created according to Italian culinary tradition and using only the finest ingredients, this Norma sauce has a hearty but sweet taste and a long history behind it. Made using selected raw materials and simple and genuine processing methods.

Cherry Tomatoes in Cherry Tomatoes Sauce (550g) - Agromonte


Made solely of cherry tomatoes, cherry tomato purée and a pinch of salt. ** Kosher certified (U). Vegetarian/Vegan meat-free.

Sicily is well known for its incredibly sweet and ripe cherry tomatoes, a key player in most of their cuisine\'s dishes. By combining all the goodness of their cherry tomatoes with the juices from even more of them, Agromonte creates a unique, inimitable product that represents the crown of their cuisine.