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Their passion for the earth and its delicious fruits - grapes and olives in particular - was first publicised in 1976, when dad Zoran became the first in the area to offer its local wines in bottles. And so the Parovel style became popular, famous for its freshness, candour and authenticity, developed according to the rhythm and evolution of nature and man.

The unique individuality of their wine is also thanks to the passion of Zoran. In 1898 his grandfather Peter began cultivating the Istrian Malvasia grape, and in the 1930s when many other wine growers decided to uproot the Istrian Malvasia vines due to their fragility and in favour of the red wine craze, dad Zoran stuck by his family's passion, choosing instead to pursue producing this very fragrant, full and persistent white wine.

The Parovels have thus become one of the guardians of the grape's historical interpretation and territorial expression. Working in the vineyard and taking care of the countryside are dad Zoran's two key mottos. He believes that wine making is a complex art and each vineyard requires a different focus, care and wisdom.

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Refosco d'Istria DOC "Imà" 2010 (75cl) - Parovel


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% An intense ruby red colour with a similarly robust flavour. Black fruits and spicy undertones.

Refosco is a grape variety native to the Karst (Carso) area, whose name probably derives from rap fosc - dark grape in Friuli dialect. It has ancient origins and was especially popular in the nineteenth century. An intense ruby red colour, its flavour is similar to its robust colour. A spicy nose with evident notes of thyme and rosemary, it\'s also centred on wild black fruit - in particular blackberry. In the mouth, it has a distinct freshness; full-bodied and elegant despite a light sourness due to its terroir, with mineral notes of Mediterranean spice and liquorice. An impressive length on the palate, yet it closes on a nice clean finish.

Malvasia Istriana IGT "Visaví" 2015 (75cl) - Parovel


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Fresh and fragrant as a spring evening.

Born from the meeting between the native Malvasia Istriana and Glera grapes (the mother vine of Prosecco), Visavì is cultivated on the hills of Trieste between Val Rosandra and Rio Ospo, a true taste of its terroir it\'s as fresh and fragrant as a spring evening. A pale gold colour with a mineral nose reflecting a complex and evolved bouquet, it has a fresh and full mouth, light and elegant which closes on a persistent mineral finish.

Carso DOC Vitovska "Onavé" 2013 (75cl) - Parovel


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% An ancient grape variety with powerful fragrances that are exceedingly modern and elegant.

The Vitovska is a native grape of the Carso-Karst wine area, with no other trace of it in any other Mediterranean region - its history has been lost in the folds of the centuries of local tradition. An old and rustic vine which is able to withstand the harsh winters, the drought of the hot season and the cold wind from the northeast (known as the Bora). Thanks to the clever recovery work of a few producers who believed in its potential, the Vitovska grape was reborn. Producing an intriguingly modern wine known for its refinement and elegance. A pale yellow colour, the nose opens with hints of musk, flowers and hay, accentuating its mineral note.

Carso DOC "Matos Nonet" 2012 (75cl) - Parovel


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% The perfect companion for an indulgent meal, a blend of three famous grape varieties.

Made from a complete blend of Sauvignon, Sémillon and of course, Malvasia istriana grapes, this wine\'s ingredients aptly fit its incredible personality. An important grape from the South West of France, Sémillon probably arrived in Italy along with Napoleon\'s troops. Its golden variety provide deep aromas through taste and longevity, yet due to its incredible complexity and body of sugars, it is highly vulnerable to Botrytis Cinerea - which attacks crops. Blended with dry white Sauvignon Blanc - its companion for wines that reach excellent ageing - Matos Nonet wine\'s fragility and origin is clearly expressed in its taste. A deep golden color with a complex nose and a great personality, it has beautiful aromas of mint, beeswax and dried fruit. The mouth is evolved and stays fresh with a nice flavor of almond cream and a final close of orange zest.

Carso DOC "Hodi Terrano" 2014 (75cl) - Parovel


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% An indigenous grape with an intense ruby red colour, fresh, acidic taste and high iron content.

The Terrano is a native vine belonging to the family of Refosco, which runs through the Karst (Carso) region of northeastern Italy and its neighbouring Slovenia. Also known as the "blood of Carso" due to its intense ruby red colour, the red soil that the vines grow in is said to give Terrano wines their unusually high iron content. Open and spicy, it has a good aromatic intensity and a fruity, blackberry even, undertone. Intriguingly rich, structured and intense, with evident notes of mature berries, leather and toasted coffee. It has a pleasant "freshness" due to its natural acidity, grown on the typical terrano of the area and caressed by winds from the sea, yet with a clear minerality, a well-balanced body and an elegant, soft finish.