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An artisan charcuterie Producer based in the heart of Bologna, using only meat that has been exclusively selected from Tuscan-Emiliano farms in the Italian Apennine mountains. 

As well as resulting in the best possible taste, this allows us to ensure that all Artigianquality’s products are completely devoid of milk, lactose, dairy products, flour and dyes and therefore suitable for people with celiac disease.

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Mortadella with Pistachios Siced (80g) - ArtigianQuality


Genuine melt-in-your-mouth Mortadella with pistachios, freshly sliced. Bologna’s signature salume, with a rich taste and a tender texture.

Mortadella is not just a salume, but rather an institution. Hailing from the food rich town of Bologna, Romans apparently used to grind pork with spices in a mortar. The term mortar gets its name from the Latin word murtatum (which means ground meat in a mortar), and is often thought to be the origin of the word mortadella. These days, traditional mortadella is still made from finely minced pork, using traditional techniques and high quality ingredients. The addition of Pistachios up the ante to ultimate indulgence. Try these thinly sliced pieces with some fresh sourdough bread and a slice of Pecorino cheese. Life won\'t be the same anymore... This product comes in vacuum pack.

Classic Mortadella *Slow Food sliced (80g) - ArtigianQuality


A classic Mortadella Bologna like you won\'t find around.

Mortadella is not just a salume, but rather an institution. It has been (badly) copied and you can find all sort of good and bad mortadellas around the world. This is the genuine, artisan, healthy version that you won´t find around. So you can fully abandon to it, guilt free (or almost!). Try it with our Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months and few drops of Balsamic vinegar for the ultimate "stuzzichino". This product comes in vacuum pack.