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The Le Vigne di San Pietro estate is located on a unique island of land on the rocky hills of Lake Garda. The location is not just stunningly picturesque, but boasts soil exceptionally suited for the production of wine grapes. 

Composed of a mix of clay, limestone and glacial nutrients, the soil is rich in minerals and complemented by a warm but breezy microclimate. Surrounding the vineyards is a small forest with a diverse range of trees, which add a rich biodiversity to the land - instrumental for the balanced growth of grapevines. Winery owner Carlo Nerozzi says that La Vigne di San Pietro's exceptional setting and sales speak for themselves, although his passion for wine always shines through. "I appreciate wines that are elegant, interesting, intense but not aggressive, wines which can evolve in time intensifying their initial features. I love mineral aromas, brilliant and warm colours, light and seductive perfumes. That is what I strive to convey through the wines that come from this special land. "

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Refolà IGP Verona 2009 (75cl) - Le Vigne di San Pietro


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Aged. Made from hand-picked grapes, naturally dried by the Lake Garda breeze.

After being hand-picked on site, the grapes are dried by local wind from Lake Garda called “Refolo” - hence the name. After 30 days of being purified by nature, the Cabernet grapes are then de-stemmed and pressed, before being aged for 12 months in new oak barriques, and a further 24 months in bottle. A unique wine that keeps up Verona’s tradition of using naturally dried grapes, which help to express the elegance and velvet power of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.