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San Salvatore's close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea provides the perfect setting to ripen the grapes of the Aglianico, whilst the Fiano gains strength and flavour, and the Greco develops an explosive taste. This deep connection with the land is not only part of the reason their wines taste so good, but is also the inspiration behind their production.

Their modern-style winery is equipped with a carbon dioxide-minimising system to ensure their products are as economically sustainable as possible. It's this setting (with its fresh nights and temperate days), that 3000 years ago, in the Cilento National Park where the San Salvatore Estate lies, the Greeks planted their vineyards, choosing the location due to its optimal vineyard conditions.

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Trentenare IGP Paestum Fiano 2017 (75cl) - San Salvatore


Intense wine, pale straw yellow in colour with greenish reflections. On the nose stand out floral notes, with slight hints of green apple and pear, hints of flowers including jasmine and broom. In the mouth it is savoury, almost salty.

Manual harvest in small plastic boxes. The grapes are de-stemmed and soft pressed, then brought to 4° C and criomacerated for 6 hours. After the fermentation in stainless steel vats at low temperature, is aged for 6 months on its lees.

Sparkling Spumante Rosé Gioi Organic (75cl) - San Salvatore


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% The Platinum Award winner for wine at Bellavita Expo London 2016.

Made from pure Aglianico grapes and aged for 24 months.Light pink, elegant and with a subtle perlage, this has aromas of red berry fruit and black cherry, with slight notes of bread crusts and almonds. A soft and elegant mouth but with great minerality.

Pino di Stio Paestum IGP 2013 (75cl) - San Salvatore


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% A unique red cultivated from the finest grapes from a tiny piece of land.

A tiny piece of land that produces fine grapes from which this elegant, fragrant, silky and above all unique red wine is obtained. An unusual expression of the territory, this wine is the product of a tiny piece of land whose vines create an elegant, fragrant and silky wine that is simply unique. With notes of blackberry pulp and elegant cherry, there is also hints of tobacco and coffee, which blend with the sweet vanilla oak.

Organic IGP Fiano Pian di Stio Paestum 2017 (75cl) - San Salvatore


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Hand-harvested, organically-grown Fiano grapes with a concentrated flavour.

Hand-harvested, organically-grown Fiano grapes are the ingredients for this exuberant wine. Cultivated at an altitude of 550 metres above sea level, the grapes slowly ripen in relatively cool conditions which help to concentrate flavours in the grapes.

Organic Elea IGP Paestum 2013 (75cl) - San Salvatore


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Elea is an elegant, structured Greco reserve, intense and meditative, just like the terroir that generated it.

A tribute to Cilento and its thousand-year history. A land that what was once the small fishing village of Hyele is today a World Heritage Site. Made from 100% Greco grapes, it\'s one of the most popular wines to consume in the Southern Italian autumn months, with a balanced acidity with a distinctly nutty almond note.

Falanghina Campania IGP 2017 (75cl) - San Salvatore


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Fruity and mineral, Falanghina grapes have been thriving in Italy\'s deep south for centuries.

The area of the Falanghina grape used to be overrun by wolves, partly due to the relatively cool climate and partly because its landscape consisted of pure wilderness: a setting which assisted in the preservation of indigenous grapes.

Aglianico IGP Jungano 2016 (75cl) - San Salvatore


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% The Barolo of the south, this wine is elegant and full-bodied, made from grapes grown in their geographical prime. With blackberries, sour cherries and notes of rosemary and balsamic, the Aglianico is a fantastically intense flavoured wine.

Aglianico is often labelled as the "Barolo of southern Italy" due to its intense, full-bodied character and refined elegance. They are well-known for perfectly depicting their terroir, and changing taste depending on their origin. Aglianico grapes seems to thrive in volcanic soils, especially at higher elevations on hillsides that also have some limestone mixed in - making San Salvatore\'s vineyard on the slopes of Vesuvius in Cilento national park prime growing conditionals for a powerful yet subtle Anglianico.