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Inspired by local traditions and Italy's long-standing history of pasta, Pastificio Fontana's pastas combine fresh, locally sourced ingredients with modern technology and production techniques. 

Their innovative pastas honour the country's famous cuisine whose roots lie in fresh, homemade cooking made with love. While a lot of extensive research goes into their products, absolutely no preservatives or chemicals are added.

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Pumpkin Ravioloni (250g) - Pastificio Fontana


Sweet, hearty and rustic, a traditional classic.

Inspired by Italy\'s rustic harvest, pumpkin ravioli are traditional to the city of Mantova in Lombardy but have become worldwide famous thanks to their sweet, filling taste.Made with peak-harvested pumpkin and fresh egg pasta, these parcels don\'t need to be drowned in a heavy sauce. Add a little butter or balsamic and (as usual) a sprinkle of Parmigiano for a hearty, autumnal finish.50% fresh pasta and 50% filling, with nothing bad added.

Meat Tortellini (250g) - Pastificio Fontana


Either way, in chicken broth or with fresh full cream, they are just as tasty!

Tortellini are perhaps the most traditional and well known of all the filled pasta. They are served "in brodo" - a rich chicken broth - or "alla panna" finished in fresh full cream and Parmigiano Reggiano. Either way, in chicken broth or with fresh full cream, they are just as tasty!

Spinach and Ricotta Tortelli (250g) - Pastificio Fontana


A classic combination, handmade for nonna\'s approval.

A classic combination made by grandmothers all over Italy, this is one of the most famous types of filled pasta - and for good reason! A labour of love if you\'re making from scratch, is in its native region, ricotta is made fresh every morning. Handmade using fresh pasta and ricotta in their bring-to-the-boil version, Pastificio Fontana have done all the hard work for you, without compromising on taste. Eat with a lemon and sage butter sauce and a little Parmigiano to let the filling take centre stage, and perhaps a little walnut and chicory greenery on the side. 50% fresh pasta and 50% filling, with nothing bad added.

Potato Gnocchi (500g) - Pastificio Fontana


Gnocchi are the Italian version of dumplings: comfort food at its best.

Every single region in Italy has its own recipe for the gnocchi, but no matter where you are, on Sunday every Italian would have a generous portion of these little bites of pure familiar joy. They are so delicate but still so peculiar that they perfectly match any kind of sauce, especially with Bolognese, or tomato sauce.

Panzerotti Radicchio & Speck (250g) - Pastificio Fontana


A creamy texture with a gourmet filling that will seduce you bite by bite!

Stuffed pasta lends itself to so many options it really is a dish you could make on a daily basis and never tire of it. The pasta itself are panzerotti: freshly laminated egg and buckwheat soft pillows of pasta that are stuffed with a mixture of radicchio lettuce, speck cured meat, and ricotta creamy cheese. If you aren’t familiar with radicchio, it has a bitter flavor that is delicious both raw and cooked. Since the filling of this pasta is quite subtle and delicate, I simply used a brown butter mixture to sauce the pasta.

Fresh Egg Tagliatelle (250g) - Pastificio Fontana


This fresh tagliatelle are an ideal match with Bolognese sauce, meaty ragus or mushrooms. Ready in 5 minutes!

Tagliatelle are a traditional type of fresh pasta from Emilia-Romagna. Pastificio Fontana uses the finest ingredients to give the perfect elasticity, bite and structure and Italian eggs for that perfect yellow colour. This is as close as you can get to having a skilled nonna in the kitchen.