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A tour of the Il Borro Cellars is a journey to the heart of Tuscan wine-making tradition and a chance to learn more about this “art”. Here, in one of the oldest cellars in Italy, the first ever Chianti wine was produced, and today as then, the magic of winemaking continues with passion and commitment. Accompanied by experts you will see the different steps that turn simple grapes into fine wines and the vats, barrels and barriques that make this possible. This special tour ends with tasting our wines and savouring the result of a hundred-year history. Don’t call us producers, simply winelovers.

A century-old cellar has always been an ideal place for the art of winemaking. Il Borro vineyards are located in a unique corner of Tuscany surrounded by a rare and precious terroir. A rich land and an ideal climate has given us the perfect conditions for growing unique and original wines. Their love for this land is uppermost in everything we do. A shared commitment to renewable energy and the use of natural fertilizers, of course; pesticides, never. Sustainability and a respect for the vine and their territory are the guiding principles in all that they do. Biological but with a vision to be biodynamic, they are responsible for ecosystem, and protecting and valuing our environment and its precious natural resources. Everything they produce is an expression of their territory, each bottle the best that our land has to offer.

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Rosé del Borro IGT Toscana Rosato 2017 (75cl) – Il Borro


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Rosé del Borro is bright pink coloured with distinquished lively bouquet of white flowers and fresh fruits. The taste is delicate and crisp with hints of small berries red fruits and a fresh and balanced finish.

Rosé del Borro is vinified by cold pressing Sangiovese grapes which are hand-harvested once they have reached optimal maturity and kept refrigerated overnight at 5-10° C. The day after the grapes are destemmed and pressed after a short maceration period in contact with the skins. The resulting must is then decanted into stainless-steel tanks where the wine is clarified in order to remove all the sediments and then fermented at controlled temperature of 15-17°C. After the fermentation the wine is kept on yeast lees for about 60 days and bottled thereafter.

Pian di Nova IGT Toscana Rosso 2015 (75cl) – Il Borro


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% The bouquet is intense, with strong spicy notes and black fruits. The taste is full-bodied, with an alcohol that mellows the tannins. The persistence is good, with spicy and fruity end.

The wine is kept in steel tanks for 6 months and then decanted into used oak barrels where it is left to mature for 12 months. After the ageing in barriques the wine is decanted once again into steel tanks where the two grape varieties are blended, decanted and gently filtered. The wine is then ready to be bottled and stocked for another 6 months in order to take out its best potentialities.

Lamelle IGT Toscana Bianco 2017 (75cl) – Il Borro


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Lamelle has a straw-yellow colour, with slight golden reflections, the bouquet is full of fresh, white pulp fruit and tropical fruit scents, in addition to a slightly-spicy vanilla note. The taste is delicate, pleasant and fresh, with a marked mineral note.

Fruity and delightful on the palette, Lamelle is our youngest child, unique and exuberant and the only white amongst our wines. The climate and terroir at Il Borro would normally make producing white wine a challenge, but we always try to exceed expectations. The “Lamelle” is made from hand-picked Chardonnay grapes. The vendage is followed by a soft and delicate pressing and separation of the skins and the must. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 16°C, 50% in new French casks and the remaining 50% in stainless-steel vats, and lasts for 8-10 days. The wine is subsequently blended and left to mature for a further two months in barrels. At the end of this period, the “Lamelle” wine is filtered and left for another two months in the bottle before being sold.

Il Borro Toscana Rosso IGT 2015 (75cl) – Il Borro


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Il Borro has a deep violet colour, with purplish reflections. The bouquet is full and intense, concentrated, with notes of underbrush and with spicy scents. The taste is dry, with good body and soft tannins, a good consistency, well integrated and persistent.

The frementation takes about 22 days in the stainless-steel tanks at a temperature controlled 28°C. The last stage is alcoholic fermentation which takes around 10 days on average after which the wine is decanted in to barrels. From these older barrels the wine is siphoned in to new Allier Oak barrels, a procedure known as racking. After the malolactic fermentation the grape varieties are blended by the Vigneron, the estate wine maker. The wine is then left to mature in casks for at least 18 months after which it is filtered and bottled. The wines remain in cellars for a further 8 months for a final maturation.

Il Borrigiano Valdarno di Sopra DOC 2017 (75cl) – Il Borro


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Borrigiano has a lively ruby colour with purplish reflections. The bouquet is intense, with notes of fresh little red fruits mainly reminiscent of cherry and with light spicy scents of ginger and white pepper. The taste is pleasantly fresh, with soft tannins and a lively fruity end leaving a clean harmonious mouth feeling.

Borrigiano is the first wine from Il Borro winery under the designation “Valdarno di Sopra DOC” and with the Organic certification. It is produced after years of dedication to research, experimentation and enthusiasm in creating quality wines. The grapes of Sangiovese, Syrah and Merlot are hand-harvested when technological and phenolic maturity are reached. The refrigeration at 7°C and the cold maceration in large oak barrels allow to maintain the complexity of the aromatic compounds naturally present in grapes. Subsequently the temperature-controlled fermentation (28°C)takes place and it is followed by an aging of 10 months in large wooden casks.