List of products by brand Fidani Healthy Food

Finely baked sweets, so simple and genuine, made from carefully selected ingredients, without neither chemical preservatives,
nor additional emulsifiers, palm oils, margarine.
A traditional method grounded on a rigorous timing experience, as imposed by the natural leavening of the dough, the hand cutting moment, the constant use of blast chillers. This is how a high standard of quality can be achieved. The result is an excellent product based on a lactose-free concept, but also available without nickel, sugar, eggs, gluten, for a “feel good” experience!

Fidani invested with passion more than 20 years in experimenting with traditional recipes, engaging in a selective strategy that now allows the Fidani family to present a collection of healthy products that are delicious, exclusive and meet all dietary requirements. Production phases are grounded on traditional and artisanal methods, where products are individually processed and cut by hand. The products are fully based on a lactose-free concept and also available without nickel, sugar, eggs, and gluten. Gluten-free goods are manufactured in dedicated facilities.

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