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Branca Menta (70cl) - Branca Distillerie


An unmistakable mint-flavour liqueur, it gives you an intense pleasure thrill at every sip. Its secret formula includes herbs imported from four continents and the finest peppermint essential oil in the world. Natural and specially refreshing, it\'s a drink perfect for all seasons.

Branca Menta was created in the mid-60s, when fashionistas began asking for a glass of Fernet-Branca with a hint of mint syrup, thus unconsciously giving birth to a tonic and refreshing drink. The liquor was launched in 1965 and was an overnight success. Brancamenta is made using the same formula of more than 30 different herbs and spices as Fernet Branca but with the addition of oil of peppermint. Like the original Fernet-Branca, it undergoes a 12 month maturation period in Slovenian oak vats. Best summed up as being a "minty amaro", Branca Menta combines rooty herbal bitterness with invigorating and cleansing mint freshness.

Lactose-free Khorasan Biscuit (50g) - Fidani


Love, softness and crumbliness nestled in this big heart made of organic flour, a source of scents, hints and memories that warm your soul while helping you keep healthy. Lactose-free

A heart shaped biscuit baked with organic khorasan flour and honey. Perfect for a Mother\'s Day and Valentine\'s Day gift, an anniversary with your partner or for celebrating any special occasion!

Garlic Cream (130g) - La Gallinara


Garlic Cream made of garlic and refined with artichokes. The ingredients are: artichokes, olive oil, garlic, salt.

This cream is used to accompany many dishes: grilled second courses, fried food, in particular fried cod, baked fish, risotto and spaghetti.

Mediterranean sauce (130g) - La Gallinara


The Mediterranean cream is a tasty sauce made with aubergines, dried tomatoes, olives and capers.

It is also excellent on hot and slightly toasted whole-wheat bread croutons or it can be used cold to season pasta, such as spaghetti, tagliatelle and fusilli.

Sicilian Green Tea Leaves with Citrus (50g) - La Casa del Tè


The naturally occurring antioxidants in green tea can also be boosted with the clean vegetal notes of the green tea blend seamlessly with the citrus crispness. Delightfully sweet, lifted by the freshness of the lemon-orange. Not too dry or too citrusy. Perfect hot or iced!

This Sicilian green tea with citrus has a relaxing effect and favours a physiological recovery in case of psychological stress. The blend helps the physiological functions of drainage and digestion. Naturally rich in antioxidant supplements. Instruction for use: 1 teaspoon - 1 Litre of hot water - leave 5 minutes in infusion - filter and combine honey or sugar choice. Drink hot or refrigerate to enjoy a deliciously refreshing drink. For therapeutic purpose is to double the dosage (in the summer it is recommended 3 hours of maceration outside the fridge and 3 hours in the fridge make it even sweeter and more refreshing.

Franciacorta Annamaria Clementi Cuveé 2008 (75cl) - Ca' del Bosco


No compromises, no concessions. Only the finest grapes from the various crus are earmarked for this icon bubbly wine.

Absolute. In other words, no limits, a constantly evolving value. Like the exclusive commitment needed to make this Franciacorta dedicated to Annamaria Clementi, founder of Ca\' del Bosco and Maurizio Zanella\'s mother. Meticulous vinification and very lengthy bottle refinement at least seven years on yeasts. This is how a great wine is created, unique, magnificently golden and with ultra-fine perlage. Extraordinarily complex bouquet, exceptionally full and persistent taste. An absolute Franciacorta.

Vermouth 25 (70cl) - Fred Jerbis


** Expiry Date: 30/09/2019**

A beautiful, bold Vermouth: 25 different botanicals and Verduzzo del Collio wine united to combine tradition and innovation in a sophisticated liqueur.

Handcrafted with great dedication and available only in limited quantities - offering a unique taste of Friuli Venezia Giulia! Inspired by secret recipes created in 1946, these spirits are handcrafted at every stage using only ingredients of the best quality. Whether matched with classic liquors or prohibition-style cocktails, Vermut 25 brings extra dimension and additional complexity with its persitent, bitter-sweet personality. Thanks to a special processing of the herbs, the body has fruity notes that range from red fruits to black cherry; the bitter tones come from the maceration of herbs such as gentian root and cinchona bark. Rounded and smooth on the finish thanks to the angelica root and seeds. Negroni time, everyone! NB: worry not if your bottle has a little in the way of sediment - this is entirely normal and due to the natural, quality ingredients used, and a refusal to filter..

Apple Stark (500g)


Its bright red hue looks straight off a movie.

A sweet apple that looks straight off a movie set, its red hue is vibrant and iconic. Eat it as a snack, in a salad with walnuts or baked with pork chops.

Spumante Brut VSQ (75cl) - La Collina dei Ciliegi


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Dry, with hints of golden apple and persistent beads of bubbles.

An intense, straw yellow colour with persistent beads of bubbles. The nose has an intense aroma of golden apple and light crusts of bread, with a fine bouquet of white flowers. The palate is dry with a pleasant flavour and good aromatic persistence.

Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC "Caplavur" 2015 (75cl) - Cascina del Pozzo


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% From the same grape of Barolo, this wine is fruity and elegant.

Nebbiolo is the same grape used to make Barolo, only here we are in an area where wines are less suitable for ageing 5 or more years such as Barolo. These wines are fruity and intense and show a great deal of complexity, and only 7000 bottles a year are produced, making it extremely rare to find. No barrels are used in ageing process to preserve the purity of the fruit. With Nebbiolo’s delicate aromas but bold tannin, you’ll want to seek out less-gamey meats that have enough fat to absorb the ample tannin. The wine’s high acidity gives it the opportunity to match against higher acid foods with saltiness and perhaps vinaigrette-based sauces, but remember to balance by adding enough butter, fat or olive oil to compliment the wine’s tannin. Even though Nebbiolo is traditionally paired with Italian foods, it has been well-received alongside Asian cuisine with brown sauces and Asian 5-spices sauces.

Cabernet Ravenna "Nephrops" IGP 2014 (75cl) - Tenuta del Paguro


A smooth Cabernet and Merlot blend, with something utterly special.

Cabernet Sauvignon has been cultivated in this area for decades, producing incredible results. The wine is elegant with a floral bouquet that is charming and inviting, balanced by the small percentage of Merlot in the blend that adds fruityness and texture.

Molise Rosso DOC Sannazzaro 2013 (75cl) - Campi Valerio


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Smooth and rounded with soft tannins and a full body.

This smooth, silky wine from Montepulciano grape is sexy and seducent, with nuances of vanilla and aromatic herbs. With its excellent balance, this wine is perfect for a romantic dinner! Most of all, it will work well with the right people!

Rosso del Molise DOC "Calidio" 2013 (75cl) - Campi Valerio


Made from 100% Montepulciano grapes, this wine is young and fruity with cherries, slightly floral, with a full bodied and great persistance.

Its youth makes it the perfect start of a meal with charcuterie or with a meaty pasta sauce. Any ways, it will be even more delicious if drank in good company!