Punks Do It Bitter (33cl)


    Citrusy, grapefruit aromas, but with a dry finish. Incredibly refreshing!

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    Heady citrus aromas - in particular an especially dominant grapefruit scent - Punks do it Bitter doesn't just have an appealing name, but its light body and refreshing taste (with a dry finish that has delicate but clear bitter notes), makes it exceptionally easy to drink.

    A great balance of bitter and fresh, we recommend enjoying it alongside baked fish and white meat, with a mix vegetable pasta sauce or even on its own as an aperitif.

    Producer: Elav Brewery

    Their origin lies where all great ideas begin: the pub. In a small village near Bergamo, founders Antonio and Valentina, who already owned the Clock Tower pub, embraced their passion for craft beers even further and went around the world collecting hundreds of different labels. 

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    MALTS: Pale, Light Munich, Crystal; HOPS: Palisade, Cascade, Columbus, Mosaic; YEAST: US-05.Gluten

    9 month