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List of products by brand San Carlo

80 years ago, in 1936, Francesco Vitaloni opens in Via Lecco 18, in Milan, the "Rotisserie San Carlo" named after the nearby church of San Carlo al Lazzaretto. The store stands out soon for a revolutionary specialties, the "crispy fries" that are distributed daily to bakeries and bars in the district. 

In 1955 Alberto Vitaloni, current President, replaced his father and in 1970 he founded the "San Carlo Food Group S.p.A." with headquarters in Via Turati. Under his leadership the company achieves impressive numbers: today are 100 tons of chips produced each day (in addition to a wide range of savoury and sweet snacks and panificati), 6 factories, 2200 employees, 170 stores, 1300 salesmen and vans that guarantee a widespread distribution network throughout the country. In 2011 joined the company Susanna Vitaloni, with the position of vice president, with his father to the historic brand guide.

The company looks to the future with great and ambitious objectives that reaffirm the undisputed leader and symbol of Made in Italy and Italian good taste.

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