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Tenute Olbios winery is in Gallura, on the north-east side of Sardinia, a territory particularly favourable to the production of the white grape variety Vermentino, in fact, this area has acquired the only DOCG of Sardinia: Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, which is also the only Denomination in the world where Vermentino is the main grape Variety. The characteristic of this territory is the soil particularly rich in granite, which provides the Vermentino di Gallura wines with a natural and prominent minerality, acidity and salinity. The particular micro-climate, the proximity to the sea, just a few kilometers away from the vineyards, and the consequent and constant salty sea breeze, also have an important and positive impact on Tenute Olbios grapes farming and wine production.

The winery Tenute Olbios was established in 2003 by Daniela Pinna and her husband David Mele, while the vineyards had been planted over 45 years ago by Daniela's grandfather and subsequently entirely converted to the production of the Vermentino di Gallura. What characterizes the winery since the very beginning is a strong identity with the territory, sustainability, as well as innovation, which is functional to the excellence and the quality of the wines.

A remarkable technical innovation is related to the bottle closure system: following extensive researches by Daniela, Tenute Olbios has been one of the first wineries worldwide to introduce the crystal stopper, which is of a great importance in preserving the wine at its best and reducing considerably the use of sulfite.

The vineyard is farmed following the integrated farming system, which means a very limited intervention on the plants and using only products which are allowed by the organic farming. Herbicides are not used in the fields and the soil is worked only with very gentle plowing. The plants are not irrigated so that in order for them to search for water they are forced to grow and develop longer roots which help to absorb from the soil more minerals and nutrition. The harvesting, pruning and tidying are all done by hand. All the winemaking processes are done within the estate and only using grapes from the own vineyard.

The winery has also acquired the Green Care certification which guarantees that the winery operates with fully sustainable procedures. No animal products are used at any stage of the production and Tenute Olbios wines are 100% Vegan.

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