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Dairy-Free Pesto alla Genovese (130g) - La Malva Rosa


Our delicious dairy-free basil pesto is rich in nutrients thanks to its artisan recipe. DOP* certified.

The complex selection behind each ingredient is the key to pesto\'s great taste and only Italy does it properly. Here, the basil used is DOP certified, cultivated in the producer La Malva Rosa\'s own land. Also, thanks to an exclusive recipe, they are the only producer to make a pesto without cooking the basil. This means that it tastes much more fresh and doesn\'t lose any of its minerals or extensive health benefits. It has a shelf-life of 24 months and it does not contain preservatives. Try it with linguine pasta (although almost any pasta shape will do), or use it to enrich your soup, salads or potatoes. It\'s even ideal with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella to prepare an Italian caprese. *DOP: DOP is short for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally “Protected Designation of Origin”). This certification ensures that products are locally grown and packaged, using traditional method.

Tinned Chopped Tomatoes (400g) - F.lli D'Acunzi


Made with tradition, passion and years of experience, a versatile cupboard staple.

The larder is worryingly bare when you\'ve run out of tinned tomatoes. They are the cook\'s comfort blanket, the stalwart of countless soups, sauces, stews and braises, so make sure you stock up on a good one like this. Good quality, authentic tomatoes from Campania, made with tradition, passion and years of experience, for a perfectly rich natural juice with chopped tomatoes for added texture.

Peeled Plum Tomatoes (400g) - F.lli D'Acunzi


Sweet and slightly acidic, made with tradition, passion and years of experience.

The larder is worryingly bare when you\'ve run out of tinned tomatoes. They are the cook\'s comfort blanket, the stalwart of countless soups, sauces, stews and braises, so make sure you stock up on a good one like this. Good quality, authentic tomatoes from Campania, made with tradition, passion and years of experience, for a perfectly rich natural juice with whole peeled plum tomatoes for added texture.

Classic Passata (690ml) - F.lli D'Acunzi


Sun-ripened tomatoes picked in season with a wonderful balance of sweetness and acidity.

It\'s a traditional Italian store-cupboard essential, that is made in every Italian home. A creamy and smooth sauce and used as a base for sauces, pizza toppings, soups and pretty much anything else.

Fine Sea Salt (1kg) - Amato


Made using only traditional natural methods off the Apulian coast.

From the coast of Apulia, this coarsely ground Italian pure sea salt is great for adding to your favourite Italian dishes and has no additives, iodine or anti-caking agents. Pure and unique, made using only traditional natural methods it\'s perfect for use in a grinder.

Coarse Sea Salt (1kg) - Margherita


High quality, ready to use salt from a stone\'s throw away from Venice.

A high quality salt from Porto Viro, Veneto, just a stone\'s throw away from Southern Venice. Highly soluble and with a superior flavour due to its high mineral content, this finely ground Mediterranean pure sea salt has no additives, iodine or anti-caking agents. Ready to add to all your favourite Italian dishes with no need to grind.

Garlic Cherry Tomatoes Sauce (260g) - Agromonte


A sauce with rustic flavour!

Cherry tomatoes, a typical Sicilian speciality, are combined in this sauce with the unmistakable aroma of garlic to create a rustic flavour, enriched with extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables and herbs. Tomato sauce with a little extra edge, it\'s made using only selected raw materials and authentic Italian processing methods. Ideal for seasoning food and making unique pasta dishes, this is the enticing aroma of nonna\'s kitchen in a jar.

Norma Pasta Sauce (260g) - Agromonte


Tomatoes with Mediterranean vegetables, perfect for \'Pasta all Norma\'.

Cherry tomatoes, a typical Sicilian speciality, offer a unique taste and aroma to this “Norma” sauce, created according to island culinary tradition. Ideal for seasoning and for making unique pasta dishes, the Agromonte sauces are made using selected raw materials and simple and genuine processing methods. One of the most famous Sicilian recipes in the world, Pasta alla Norma embodies all the flavours of the island, and also contains an abundance of hidden vegetables. Created according to Italian culinary tradition and using only the finest ingredients, this Norma sauce has a hearty but sweet taste and a long history behind it. Made using selected raw materials and simple and genuine processing methods.

Puttanesca Pasta Sauce (260g) - Agromonte


A complex sauce that needs nothing else added apart from trusty pasta.

No bowl of pasta puttanesca can ever be eaten without a mention of what it famously translates to ("tart\'s pasta", as Delia graciously puts it). The sauce is typical of the culinary tradition in Naples; a unique taste and fragrance that\'s enhanced by Sicilian ingredients like green olives and capers. Ideal for seasoning and for making unique pasta dishes with a little more complexity, this needs nothing else added to it apart from pure and simple pasta. Made using carefully selected raw materials using genuine processing methods.

Sicilian Red Pesto (200g) - Agromonte


Sicilian version of everyone\'s favourite sauce, made using tomatoes and red pepper.

Pesto pasta is a popular Italian dish that many people rave about. But what not they may not know is that the typical green pesto comes from Genoa, and it\'s red-coloured cousin comes from an area much farther south: Sicily. Sicilian cuisine is generally characterised as having more punch and spice than northern cuisine, and this fiery coloured sauce is no exception, with the locals adding cherry tomatoes and red pepper. Evoking the heart of the region\'s Mediterranean cuisine, red pesto goes great with crusty bread, pasta, fish, pork or poultry, and is a great alternative to its much-loved counterpart.

Pane & Pasta Sundried Cherry Tomatoes (200g) - Agromonte


The epitome of Sicily. Their most famous ingredient, dried in the hot Mediterranean sun.

Grown, harvested and dried under the Mediterranean sun and seasoned with the salt, garlic and basil from nearby, sun-dried cherry tomatoes are the epitome of Sicily, evoking not just their most famous ingredient, but the warm climate that feeds their cherished produce. Rich, intense and tender, they\'re an excellent product to use for enhancing the taste and flavour of starters and first courses, or when eaten with semi-mature fresh cheeses such as stracchino.

Pane & Pasta Sundried Cherry Tomatoes & Chilli (200g) - Agromonte


Sicily\'s two finest ingredients combined. Incredibly spicy and fiery.

Tender and spicy, this is a very strong taste for the most resistant of palates that\'s sure to please connoisseurs of spicy food. A winning combination of delicious cherry tomatoes and red chilli pepper represent Sicily\'s cuisine in a nutshell, and offer a real appreciation of the rich, spicy food that\'s perfect to enjoy in the summer sun. Ideal for enriching the flavour of bruschetta and focaccia and of first courses and omelettes, or alternatively they can be added to pasta for a bit of heat. You only need a few tablespoons to accentuate your dishes and make almost anything Sicilian-style.

Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes (212g) - Agromonte


A unique and sophisticated Sicilian delicacy, seasoned with fresh garlic and herbs.

Both sweet and savoury, semi-dried cherry tomatoes are a key ingredient in many dishes in Sicilian cuisine, expressing the complete Mediterranean essence. A sophisticated and unique alternative to fresh tomatoes, this famous Sicilian delicacy is seasoned with fresh garlic and herbs. An excellent accompaniment to typical cheeses and charcuterie, it\'s also perfect in salads, as an appetiser or as an accompaniment to drinks.

Cherry Tomatoes in Cherry Tomatoes Sauce (550g) - Agromonte


Made solely of cherry tomatoes, cherry tomato purée and a pinch of salt. ** Kosher certified (U). Vegetarian/Vegan meat-free.

Sicily is well known for its incredibly sweet and ripe cherry tomatoes, a key player in most of their cuisine\'s dishes. By combining all the goodness of their cherry tomatoes with the juices from even more of them, Agromonte creates a unique, inimitable product that represents the crown of their cuisine.

Sicilian Aubergine Caponata (212g) - Agromonte


A traditional Sicilian vegetable dish, made with tomato sauce for a unique sweet and sour flavour.

Rich yet healthy, caponata is a kind of aubergine stew from Sicily, flavoured with vinegar and sugar to gives it a delicious yet complex sweet and sour flavour. While the methods for making it are all very similar, what makes a caponata stand out is the quality of the ingredients used. Although all the produce in the dish is native to Sicily, Agromonte ensure theirs is the very best by using carefully selected raw materials from their own cultivated land. A traditional dish that encapsulates all the typical flavours and aromas of Sicilian cuisine, it\'s best served as a warm side or as a cold antipasto, alongside some crisp bruschetta.

Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil (95g) - Iasa


Succulent, meaty Italian anchovies with an outstanding balance of briny and sweet flavours.

Preserved solely in extra virgin olive oil, anchovies are delicious, healthy and with a huge gastronomic use. Even today, processing the anchovies at Iasa is done completely by hand, respecting the traditions passed down through generations that enhance the product’s unique quality and taste. Anchovies are fished in the spring and summer from so-called Cetara boats, as the lights on them attract fish into the nets, which are then hoisted onto the boat while still alive. Being such a local delicacy, the fish undergo the first stages of curing only hours after they are caught - especially important as the features of the blue fish deteriorate very easily. After 12 months of curing under sea salt, the anchovies are carefully cleaned and deboned by hand. The firm pink fillets are laid over crisp white linen cloths that help absorb the brine and salt. After a few minutes of drying, the fillets are placed side-by-side in glass jars and covered with olive oil. Use instead of salt in the base of a range of dishes, from famous Italian offerings such as pasta puttanesca and bagna cauda to simple, lesser known dishes like pasta c\'anciova e muddica or in an anchovy frittata (Alici in Frittata).

Anchovy Syrup "Colatura di Alici" (100ml) - Iasa


Incredibly rare, the elixir is extracted during the anchovy curing process taking five months to produce.

One of the most treasured ingredients of the region of Naples is colatura di alici. Rich with the flavours of the sea, colatura dates back to ancient Rome. Incredibly rare to areas outside of Sicily, the production of this incredible liquid has actually dwindled so much that Slow Food International has declared the protection of this ancient ingredient. Pasta has never met a nicer friend than colatura. The most simple dish for it involves adding a dash of it to spaghetti, chili flakes and olive oil, but you can add lots of twists to this simple recipe such as lemon zest, toasted breadcrumbs or parsley.

Chopped Hot Chilli Peppers in Olive Oil (100g) - Iasa


A Sicilian masterpiece with the perfect balance between aroma and spiciness. Versatile but very hot.

Created to add a little kick to tuna and anchovies, these chilli peppers in olive have become one of the best selling products. Carefully selected chilli peppers grown in farms from Campania, south of Italy are immersed into olive oil to create a one of a kind Sicilian masterpiece with the perfect balance between aroma and spiciness. Thanks to the purity and essence of olive oil, chilli is a product that can be widely used in the kitchen to give a touch of flavour to all kinds of dishes. From pasta sauce to vegetables, it goes excellent with fish and is even delicious simply on toasted bread for an aperitif, or added to main courses for those who like a little extra spice.

Grated Tuna Bottarga (50g) - Iasa


Italy\'s best kept secret enhances any dish with a wonderfully intense sea flavour.

Bottarga di Tonno is the salted, pressed and dried roe of tuna that has been fished in the local Italian waters. An ancient, sunbaked ingredient belonging to the Mediterranean coastline it is strongly associated with Italian cooking, particularly that of Sardinia. Rich, and intensely savoury, it enhances any dish with a wonderfully intense sea flavour.

Special Edition Cherry Tomato Sauce (33cl) - Agromonte


A ready pasta tomato sauce that invokes Sicilian tradition hand-painted with local folklore themes.

This ready to serve cherry tomato sauce is made with selected Sicilian sun-ripened tomatoes; a unique Sicilian delicacy made from the juice of real cherry tomatoes. Fresh cherry tomatoes are carefully picked and processed using simple, traditional procedures that ensure the tomatoes retain their naturally sweet taste. A unique and inimitable product with a low acidity that\'s great for all ages, use it as the base for an abundance of pasta dishes or stews.

Flour Gran Pasta (1kg) - Molino Quaglia


This flour was specifically created with fresh pasta making in mind!

The Molino Quaglia GRAN PASTA soft-wheat flour is easy to work and allows you to make a thin and stable pastry. Together with the eggs, the particular quality of this flour gives the dough a typical and persistent yellow colour. The pasta obtained has a good consistency, does not overcook easily and absorbs any type of sauces and condiments.