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Beekeeping family business that has decided to offer a biological and controlled product, where each jar tells the story of the place where it was produced .

Two friends and one passion: bees. It all began in a small village called Girba where Mauro Try and Roberto Rossi were talking to lots of elderly locals and kept hearing the same few words cropping up: honey and bees.

The territory around them is historically dedicated to beekeeping - even personified in the city's coat of arms - and so Roberto and Mauro started studying. They teamed with their beekeeper friend to originally set up two beehives and from there the basis of their family-run business has begun. Their commitment remains with the bees themselves, who they ensure are always happy and sustainably looked after, which thus produces quality, healthy honey.

This support of nature also means that their honey is always 100% organic and Slow Food approved. They also run a beehive adoption scheme, promoting the conservation and support of bees and their natural habitat, which is famously in steep decline.

Each of their jars tells a story of the place where it was produced, and the unrivalled taste of fully natural, quality honey stems from their strong support of nature. Among the honeys to try there are acacia, spring honey, mountain honey, lime as well as products that use their honey combined with other all natural ingredients.

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