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Villa Sandi’s long history, tradition and devotion to winemaking not only marks them as an iconic premium Prosecco producer, but their extensive knowledge and expertise has also contributed to the incredible rise of Prosecco over the last decade, allowing this Italian treasure to become one of the most appreciated wines all over the world.

In the north of Venice, at the foot of the hills of Treviso, between the beautiful Prosecco wine country and the vineyards of DOC Montello, lies the spectacular Villa Sandi winery. Famous as much for its top wines as it is for its deep cultural connection to the region, the quality and presence of Villa Sandi’s wines is perfectly embodied in its palatial villa at the heart of its estate. An emblem of the surrounding area, the heavenly white, 17th-century columned neoclassical structure of Villa Sandi is the winery's headquarters, surrounded by a lush green landscape of fertile fields and agricultural excellence.

Adorned with classic pieces of Italian art and sculptures - namely that of famous Venetian sculptor Orazio Marinali - the villa is not just part of Treviso’s cultural heritage, but a successful example of the marriage between art and agriculture that characterised the Venetian landscape of past centuries.

And below their opulent villa, the landscape’s history continues, with several kilometres of underground tunnels from World War I. Once used by the Italian army, they now provide the perfect resting place for ageing wine.

This intriguing ageing location only highlights the strong relationship between man and environment, with prestigious crus like Cuvée grown in Villa Sandi’s strategically laid-out vineyards that take full advantage of the breeze and sunlight of the gently undulating landscape here.

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